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Over the years, I have been involved in a variety of programs, projects, and committees. Sometimes, these stories end up in the news. Below, I've chosen to feature some articles about me from around the internet. Please note that some of the images below are from the articles linked.


Graduate Stories

Outreach: News

SoapBox Science

Putting the Network in Social Network

Encouraging young scientists to discover the cutting edge and interesting research being done within Toronto by excellent scientists. The event provides a platform to showcase the talent and research of local women. 

In the SoapBox Jr. Event, I spoke about the game of Cops and Robbers engaging kids in mathematical problem solving. 

Science Rendez-Vouz

Volunteer and Activity Coordinator 2015-2017

I worked along side the Faculty coordinator to develop, plan, and execute exciting mathematics activities to engage with the community. The events were held in Yonge and Dundas Square, and had people of all ages across the Toronto community coming out to learn about math and science. For more information click here.


Math YouTube Videos 2015-2016

I used this channel as supplemental material for my Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, and Calculus tutorials. I explained small concepts with bright colors, and plenty fo examples. My video on Strong Induction has over 35,000 views and is 6th most popular video on the topic.

Outreach: Projects
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